Monday, April 22, 2013

the mentees

yup, not mantis, ;). So here in this school we are responsible towards a group of students for each preclinical batches, to look into their welfare, though our focus mainly is on their academic performance. The first year student had completed 2 blocks so far and after the results are announced and pasted on the board, the detail marks will be given to the mentors. We then will have a time-slot when we get the chance to discuss with them about their performance. The students are supposed to write down some reflections, what they feel or think about the completed block. From their reflections we get to know them better and see if there are any loopholes that we can interfere or give feedbacks/advice. Alhamdulillah they have done much better this time since none of my mantees fail the block. Since these students have always been high achievers/ role models at their previous school, failing at the university level can be a traumaticexperience thus we as the teachers try to give as much support as we can. Giving them encouragement and words of advice to calm them down with the hope that they will come back and do not abandon their 'mostly-childhood' ambitions as i know they are indeed bright students. My usual advice is for them to improve their study technique, be focus and avoid coupling as i ve seen quite a number of case who can not actually handle the stress as they usually need to wait years before they can actually get married. As for my mantees, hopefully they can perform better since they have some how become accustomed to the type of questions in medicine. As usual in the class, i emphasize to them about the importance of using the text books and do not depend solely on the notes given. Discussion with friends can help a lot especially in answering problem-based-questions (PBQ). So dear students please write some reflections in your portfolio as we would like to understand and help you in syaa Allah better...

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