Saturday, April 25, 2015

Gambang Safari Park

Alhamdulillah,  finally managed to squeeze this event between hubby's tight schedule.  So ayah went to receive his APC in the morning of 23rd April. By zohor time we were already at the Pahang Matriculation Centre.  Tumpang solat. By around 2 pm we were already at the park. Not many people were there. But i think maryam really enjoyed the trip.

We did not actually tour all the exhibits...dah tak larat. Al maklum lah...both are almost walaupun anaknye baru preschool. Maryam was so keen to go to thezoo again the next day...The last time we visited Gambang aater park was when mama was pregnant with maybe we ll go there again in 5 years time

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Where to after SPM2014

Just a happy memory. Aim high aim far..go to sky and get the star. I m happy for her. Another motivation for adik adik. Moga kakak istiqamah sebagai anak yang baik, sebagai muslimah yang berjaya dunia dan akhirat.

Friday, January 30, 2015

an older and wiser you?

My dear other half attained his 47th year ...roaming the earth..Alhamdulillah.  A year wiser..a year older and a year nearer to the final exit. May you achieved success here and hereafter. Loved by many, hopefully hate by none.

Abang muaz on holiday. Mama has an extra pair of hands. Each time we woke up in the morning,  we potentially receive the same amount of 'cash' to spend ie our time, effort, may be money, wealth, etc. If we 'spend' wisely, we benefit the most. The true wealthy person is the one who is not thrifty when comes to spending for his final destination.

Abang muneer revisited. So far so good. Adapting to hostel life. A great scholar once mentioned...we are so worried about our phone, Ipad, Ipod gadget batteries, that we always ensure that it is fully charged especially if we are planning for some task, we even have extra battery to ensure that we are not caught short. But how many of us actually is prepared for our final destination. How many of us actually keep looking at our 'ibadah' battery and ensure that it is 100% charged in case our life is cut short at a blink of an eye.
Kak sarah n the gang. Alhamdulillah got the chance to visit k sarah. Hope kakak is strong enough to battle thru. Make the most of every chance given. Sacrifice is needed to attain something very valuable. How many of us actually take seriously about each amanah given to it our children, our wealth, our time etc. We have no one else to blame not even our parents even though for those reverts. The source of knowledge are so abundant everywhere that you only have yourself to blame if your are finally called back to your Creator empty-handed.
New year, new glass. We can change glass, we can change environment,  we can even change the people around us, but true changes require a strong commitment on our side. A paradigm shift.? 

One shot from previous flood season. We can either be part of a problem or take part in finding solution.
The very old but newly purchased 4W. It is bought specifically to assist the many plan my other half has in his mind. At some stage in life we know that the time left for us to invest for our final station gets shorter and shorter. We can either sit back and enjoy life or we do our share to make world a better place. Thru various small deeds or at greater scale. And if initially the intention is cloudy,  keep on doing. Good deeds are infectious

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tahun membawa diri....absence make the heart grows fonder

Sekurang-kurangnya itulah yang diharapkan.  We part ways in life temporarily for insyaAllah better gains. Probably my own experience having lived far away from home help to overcome the feeling of loneliness,  for my loved ones filled my heart and thought all the time. The tight scheduled that i go through somehow make the current predicament bearable and somewhat convenient.  InsyaAllah, we will be together when time permit. May Allah also help the emotional burden faced by my loved ones.

May Allah fill oour heart with feeling of gratification.

'Mama..boleh saya main komputer'
'Mama boleh saya pergi main'
Standard questions from this boy everyday after coming home from school
Tentu member kat rumah pun rindu abang muneer

Moga sempat lama bernaung di sini...sabarlah anak. Tiada yang mudah dalam hidup kita

Hopeful parents. Anak anak pewaris kita. Moga jadi hamba Allah yang berguna buat agama dan masyarakat. Tiada ibu bapa yang waras mahu selain dari keberkatan dan rahmat Allah dalam setiap inci perjalanan hidup anak-anaknya.

Allah sebaik baik perancang hidup kita. Who will be with mama now if not maryam..the annoyer...��

I love you
You love me
We are one great happy family

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Dec 2014

Went to Kuching with the family but abang muaz did not get to be with us. 

Hari ujian ke MTTAAP. InsyaAllah abang muneer ada 3 tahun untuk mendalami dan menghafaz Al Quran. Alhamdulillah kemudahan yang Allah bagi setelah mama dan ayah jenuh memikirkan ke mana halatuju abang muneer. Moga abang muneer menghargai peluang besar di MTTAAP. 

Reunion 20 years MATES2. Seronok berjumpa sahabat seperjuangan yang ramai telah menjadi pakar di bidang masing masing atau punya bisnes klinik sendiri yang berjaya

Banjir besar....2014
Mama tak keruan mengenangkan abang muneer di Pekan untuk simulasi tahfiz selama 10 hari sedang mama jauh di KL nak hantar kakak

29 Disember..kakak memulakan kehidupan baru di DQ KKB. Ibarat dapat sebungkal emas bila mama tahu kakak terpilih. 3000 permohonan dari seluruh Malaysia, akhirnya 130 yang dijemput Allah menjadi warga Darul Quran. Usaha sama DQ  Jakim dan IIUM. Selepas 18 bulan insyaAllah ke pusat asasi IIUM. Moga kakak sabar dan tabah dalam usaha menghafaz quran. Allah permudahkan perjalanan hidup anakku ini.

Abang muneer menamatkan sekolah rendah. Bersama seorang sahabat..Ali...brilliant boy. Best ever moment when mama was informed that abang muneer is accepted as one of MTTAAP 

Sempat tengok cucu saudara pertama Aman..dan tengok rumah mak lang cantik just renovated

Tahun 2015. InsyaAllah masih ada peneman di rumah.  Moga Allah permudahkan urusan kita semua. Moga kita jadi lebih baik dari dahulu.