Monday, January 22, 2018

Ganu kita..

Adakala yang kita minta Allah tak bagi. Adakalanya yang kita minta Allah beri semua. Ujiannya yang mana pula patut kita pilih. Moga Allah tidak biarkan kami sendiri memilih yang itu atau yang ini. Walau kadar sekelip mata atau yang lebih pendek dari itu. Doa kami biar anak anak jadi antara pejuang agama ini. Be it in any position in society. Be a contributing citizen.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Beautiful Ceylon

We made a short trip to Colombo at the end of Dec 2017. Beautiful Galle beach and an interesting Candy. Didnt manage to do much but we fulfilled the invitation to MrN daushter's wedding. Alhamdulillah we had great company and great experience.

Next step for uner

We are done with abg uneer registration. He joined SMAAM. Hope things go well. Moga dimudahkan urusan oleh Allah. No SMA. Science class. We plan. Allah is abetter planner.

Saturday, January 13, 2018


I still dont understand how this site works. As long as i can add update here..its good enough. So 2017 wrapped with some sad stories. My MIL left us following a procedure at the hospital. A devastating event but something that will happen anyway. 25th Oct 2017. May Allah bless her journey and she be gathered with the loved ones in jannah. End of 2017 also brought some new adventure as kak sar finally got the green light to proceed to the next phase of her study. May she benefitted not only herself but more importantly be one of the pebbles that form new path for Islam revival. So as my wish to my elder and kak mun. Life is too short for us to waste. Something that i realised relatively late as compared to the gen y and z. Abg muneer  proved that hard work pays. A strong PT3 result and 20 juz covered within 3 years. But he know he ll be bored by his mum's constant reminder. Gaining is easy but retaining requires more work and determination. As for mayam..2018 welcomes her to her current school. IIS may not be the best for academic achievement but its co cu activities i believe help kid develops wholesomely. What i aspire for 2018. Wish for a better me..for i ve left my first half century of life and whats left is a bonus.

At every phase of my life i met awesome friends whom i know will catch me whenever i m falling down

My dear exkuatagh..she was sent to the while i was downunder. Now insyallah our precious gems are heading to the kiwi land

Since we are human we can explore all options..but Allah will give what is best for us...but dont forget your part

We rarely meet. But she was my buddy back then in kulim and gemilang. A smart and among the top scorer in our batch. 

May Opah be blessed always. Words can describe my utmost love n respect. Moga bondaku dipanjangkan usia dan diberi kesihatan dan ingatan yg baik

My hand is full. Yup 5 fingers complete a strong grasp. 

Sunday, January 7, 2018


Alhamdulillah. Tak sangka boleh dapat semula access to this blog. Banyak yang dah berlaku within this few months. Moga Allah mudahkan urusan seterusnya dan yang empunya blog sedar bahawa fasa turun bukit sedang bergerak laju.