Tuesday, January 28, 2014

20 years

This is indeed a great milestone achieved. 20 years

I looked forward to it. Got a samsungs3 for the hubby and made him bought me a nice handbag..ha ha. Yes I m a practical person.

My advice to the newly wed..dont sulk when your hubby is not the romantic-type who reads mind. Few years back I told my dh that he never give me flower. So once he went to cameron, he came back with a car boot filled with flowers..mostly roses n chrysanthemums..that can cover for the next 10 years..at other time when he hasn't bought anything for my bd, I went with him to a souvenir shop n wait outside for him to buy me a card..ha ha..

Hoping n praying for more good years with a dear friend cum hubby. May Allah grant us patience n love to us.


luih myd said...
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luih myd said...

as salam .. TAHNIAH .. happy 20th anniversary. I envy those who managed to lead a happy ' marriage' life .. yesss .. marriage is not a bed full of roses but .. mine has some sort of never - ending thorns !! :( Only very few roses and they are ' diminishing ' slowly. 2013 ended with a ' tragedy' and 2014 begins with a ' solemn ' journey to me. I really hope that ALLAH SWT will give me the strength to face what has been destined for me.

January 28, 2014 at 4:41 PM

NBK said...

As salam..may Allah grant you patience n strenght. I would like to apologise if my write up brought unhappiness to others who may not be fortunate in this marital journey

Al-Manar said...

Things will change in another 20 years. Just hope and pray.

NBK said...

..pakcik..moga Allah beri kesempatan seperti pakcik n makcik

mamasita said...

May Allah SWT Bless your love and happiness together to be true and evergreen until the end of your days..Ameen..

Happy 20th anniversary doc!

NBK said...

Thanks kak