Monday, April 11, 2011

simple yet prepared with love......

My routine for the last 3 months is to see my hubby off to KL almost every monday morning. At around 4.30 am hubby will start to make a move to his destination. One thing that I never miss is to prepare something for his early breakfast. Though simple, I ll make sure at least he had a cup of coffee and something to bite. Simple bread with scrambled egg, burger telur.. ..Unlike other days, this morning maryam was up too early thus I was busy with her. I told dear hubby that I wont be able to prepare anything for him. Its nearly 5. As DH said..ok.But I was sure I would not be happy the whole day if I let hubby off without anything. Thus holding maryam, i quickly went down. Single handedly prepared a cuppa and cheese/meat slice sandwich. A quick heat in the microwave gave a warm and nice sandwich for DH....Alhamdulillah.......Bon voyage abang..May Allah give you strenght to face the many days ahead, and me too

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