Saturday, May 17, 2008

Selamat Hari Guru Cikgu Yusuf kadin

Cupcakes (hasil tangan Mak Lang) dari Sarah and Munirah buat cikgu tersayang di Sek. Islam Al Amin Gombak. They bought 40++ cupcakes for teachers for Teachers Day. Hope the teachers enjoyed the cake

Cikgu Yusuf kadin was my teacher at Sekolah Rendah Shah Alam Seks.16, Selangor in 1979 and 1980. He has dark complexion with small stature. This teacher was special because without him I wont be where I m today. Not that today I m at a pedestal but I m indebted to this one teacher. Yes my other teachers also contributed but this guy was special. He thought me math. I got 3A's and 2 B's in my peperiksaan Penilaian darjah 5. One girl Azah, a government officer's daughter got 5A's. She was the only one. Hakim and Halim, twin brothers, also from a well to do family got 4A's. Nor Amija Miskon, a YB's daughter got 3 or 2 A's. Others I dont remember much. Ziana Zain, I dont know because she was not in 5 Keruing, the A class....

In standard 6 some of us were selected to sit for MRSM entrance exam, that was to be conducted at SR Sri Petaling PJ, one of the famous school even at that time. What impressed me, even though I did not think much about it at that time, was Cikgu Yusuf gave us free tuition class on IQ test at his house at section 6 Shah Alam, few week before the actual exams. Todays kid wont bother much about the IQ test but in 1980, there was no computer, internet excess or what so ever, so this IQ test was something new and need to be learned. This teacher conducted the class without any assistance from school and did it at voluntary basis. About 10 of us would sit at his lounge area, and patiently did the test about twice a week. He did this for free and never mention it. I was really grateful of his help as I managed to go through the test with breeze. I remember walking to his house from our flat at section 16 to sec 6, alone, to and fro. That was about 6 or 7 km. But I did not think it was a burden at that time and alhamdulliah, even though at that time there were more poor people around but in genera less 'crazy' or 'sex-maniac' around.

Cikgu Yusuf even send us for free to SR Sri Petaling and later brought us back to his house. Alhamdullilah during school holiday in December 1980 I got the offer to study at MRSM Kuantan.

There s no way I cant pay back his effort and care, but I do pray to Allah that Cikgu Yusuf and his family be blessed always. His good deed will certainly be rewarded by Allah.

Thank you Cikgu.

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