Thursday, November 15, 2007


Semalam abang ambil result UPSR. Dari malam sebelumnya mama dah berdebar. mengalah kan orang yg ambil result.

I asked my son. "How do you feel if you dont obtain a single A". He said he will be embarrassed. Poor son. So when morning came I was the one who had butterflies in my tummy. I can not concentrate doing anything yet I had promised my supervisor that I will give her some results. So I went to ukm, put my GPx and SOd results at her door. After Zohor I went to Al-Amin. I was early. About 2 pm I went inside. Oh no I wont get the result as I havent paid his December tuition fee. Quickly I went to the office and with my credit card made the payment. There Muaz receive his result. Alhamdulilah he got 3A's and 2 B's

I m happy for him but Muaz seemed not very happy with his result. He said earlier that he expected 4A's. BM Pemahaman he was OK with a B but not science. I was surprised too as I know that he understand well andcan answer well too based on my discussion with him. I was thinking that the possible leak question has something to do with it... Ayah was happy with abang's result. So did nenek and opah. Despite Aiman's 5A's makngah also gave kata kata perangsang. Ha Ha ..I also get 3 A's but still manage to do medicine in Adelaide. With 5 A's may be come prime minister. Who know ;)

So this morning I sent the form for recheck to Lembaga peperiksaan Malaysia. Now that I have experienced with Muaz I can gauge the need for extra help in future. I m satisfied with Muaz result as he started year 6 without a single A in his report card. He was even put in the last class of 3. Yet he managed to improve and I personally is happy with his grasp in math and science. I know my son can do better in future. He also did not get extra tuition except from additional class at school by his teachers. Thank you to all teachers in Al-Amin. I think you have done wonderful job for Muaz. To any other parents who have 'not-so-brainy' child, dont give up. My son's report card was full with 'lipstick' before this but he managed to improve himself. Alhamdullilah.

So for my girls at home. Be prepared. No longer honey moon 'kay. Now that school holiday have started, after solat suboh they are to recite quran, eat their breakfast and tidy up their room and my room. He he he..not bad. Both the girls have to find 3 (for munirah) and 5 ( maisarah) english words a day and find the meaning in dictionary. Initially they were lazy and not use to using the dictionary. I scolded them. Now they complain less and manage to find the meaning faster. As for abg Muaz he has to copy english sentences from any english magazine or paper. a short 50 words story. I dont know what good these activities will bring but certainly is better than surfing the net all day long. soon I will get form 1 math and science book to get Muaz to do some work. Maybe as parents we shuld emulate the chinese, may be not all, but I know that their children mostly do not spend scchool holiday lazying around. Other than that they are allowed to play, watch TV...(Hey please watch animal planet and discoveries too..) and of course main game kat internet. Yes I allowed my children to play game at internet. Since they do not go to cyber cafe I think I should give them the chance to play at home..But no nonsense site please. Remember even if mama cant see you Allah do.

As for today 17 Nov 2007, I went to see mrs supervisor. ha ha . she was busy preparing my progress report. Poor supervisor... so unfortunate to get an old' not so rajin student'like me. She is going to apply some more money to get the kit. Please God, let her gat the money so I can buy the kit and get rid of this homocysteine test.

As for tonite, I have planned to wrap the teachers present with Aida...So bye bye blog.

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