Friday, February 12, 2016

opah warded

Opah has enjoyed great health for more than a decade. Opah was often warded in the late 90s due to raised blood pressure 5 years post ayah departure. Since the year 2000 opah blood pressure and general well being were great for someone her age. Just as much as we appreciate good health..sickness actually can bring a lot of miracles to our life. How we appreciate relationships and kindness of others towards us. At least opah realises that all her kids care and love her unconditionally and all are ever ready to care and support her. Alhamdulillah.
Selayang hospital. Bilik 2. Ward 9b. Warded 7th to 12th 2016

For the record..opah current medication include
Amlodipine hypertension
Metformin diabetes
Ticlid antiplatelet
Zocor hyperlipidemia
Allopurinol gout
Chondropil utk OA

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