Tuesday, September 1, 2015

welcome september

I meet september with cough and flu. As far as i remember this is the first time for this year. Back to the same people at home. Me n mayam. Mayam n me. Abang moves to year 2 now. The subjects appear even tougher to me, the probiology person. Browsing through the topics in his book, i would say medicine is much much more easier. No brain twisting formula. All make sense. Different people have different capabilities. August wrapped up with a joyous occasion, naurah's akikah. A get to gether with loved ones is something we appreciate and look forward to. Ayah got his newloaned car, comfortable enough for his daily long distance journey. Kak sarah seems adapting well with KYS, a nice privately owned educational center that seems to look after the students well. Kak sarah needs to work hard to prove that she really deserve the scholar. Kak mun is soon to sit for SMA. She has some how comes out from the prolonged 'depressing' result...may kak mun triple up her effort...who knows kak mun will be the first ustazah in our family 😆. As for abang muneer, mama applause abang muneer effort though abang probably has not click yet with thd routine as well as the other boys. But as far as abang muneer like with the system, we should proceed,..Semoga Allah mudahkan hafazan abang. Last but never least, the one and only mayam. My friend forever. Thats life thus far. Alhamdulillah.


sak said...

assalam kak, saya pembaca senyap blog ini...keep writing kak...banyak yang akak ceritakan dalam blog jadi panduan saya dalam hidup...terima kasih.

NBK said...


Ambil yang baik sahaja jika ada