Tuesday, November 18, 2014

end 2014

Hampir melabuh tirai...2014. Tinggal sebulan lagi. Minggu depan rumah penuh kembali. Mungkin senyap walaupun ada orang. Penangan gadjet. InsyaAllah minggu depan juga akan berjalan..

Hujung tahun maryam bertukar sekolah. After 4 years in educare i think its time for her to be in a new environment. I can see improvement in her...in term of temperament and more accepting to advice just after 2 weeks at the new school. However  I would still Thanks all the teachers from her previous kindy

As for maryam...hope she will make new friends quickly...and she does so far. Now that they mix different ages at the school during playtime, all her friends now have 'kakak' infront of their name. It is much easier to coax her to pray or occasionally wear the tudung.

Despite being new at the school she get to participate in the end of year presentation day..

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