Monday, October 13, 2014

13 October

Semalam birthday abang muaz. Happy birthday abang. May Allah bless you always. Be a good man and be a good example to adik-adik. Enjoy uni life. Mama and ayah love you till jannah

Di kuarters Htaa

Birthday 5 tahun

Di apartmen kenari kl

Di houseman kuarters Hkl

Baru few days di kuarters Hkl.
mama ambil 2 bulan unpaid leave sebab jaga abang muaz. Alhamdulillah..really enjoyed looking after the newborn
  Gambar gambar ni dah makin rosak. Mama hope to preserve the memory this blog.


Anonymous said...
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kkida @ 1001resepi said...

happy birthday to abang muaz...makngah doakan muga abang muaz panjang umur, murah rezki dan berjaya dunia akhirat...Insyaallah...Amin...:)

NBK said...

hi hi thanks to makngah

Al-Manar said...

The beginning of a long journey with prayers and expectation. I went through that over 30 years (very likely about the same time your own parents were when you left them). My first two children are now in the same position as you. This the real life cycle. Some of us luckier than some others but HE is the best Planner. Have absolute trust in HIM, knowing that we are players in a drama.

NBK said...

Terima kasih Pakcik. My perception towards life changes as well as I grow older. I think it happens to most people. In the earlier part of adulthood we were busy with starting family life and career. It was a miopic time for me. Suddenly we reach the age of 40 and realise that we are actually going 'down hill' in term of age and physical ability. However I would say that I am more comfortable with myself and family and even with qadaq n qadar that Allah has predestined for me. I look to my mum n other elders as the sources of wisdom and indeed in this age of technology I and other middle aged parents are lucky enough to have 'mentors' or sifus in life who share their life experiences that in a way help us thru this journey...till our time comes to leave this world. Tq Pakcik for dropping by to my blog

Anonymous said...
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