Saturday, June 28, 2014

Ramadhan 2014..half of the year is gone

Alhamdulillah berkesempatan menikmati Ramadhan 2014. Tahun ni start puasa ada opah..:). Moga Allah kuatkan hati kita untuk memperbaiki diri.

InsyaAllah. Opah has just recovered from fungal infection of the ear but now down with flare of gout...but as muslim we know every problem and sickness we face is a way for us to get reward from Allah if we remain patient and redho. Opah has no problem with this as she has gone through worst in life..

The next few weeks will be busy with first professional examinations. Questions to prepare, exam to invigilate and answers to correct. InsyaAllah all will settle before hari raya.

Alhamdulillah too that this year all 5 kiddos are 'at home'..though kak moon only comes home during weekend. Abang Muaz is on long leave after his tamhidi program...waiting for first year admission in early September. His presence makes lots of things easier as abang Muaz helps mama with house chores and ferrying around adik-adik. Sarah and muneer are busy with extra classes held by the school and tuition centre. The maid has long leave the house..about 4 months. Life can be tough at times but is bearable..:).

By next week muneer will be sitting for his SPPIM...assessment for the religious subjects..sort of equivalent to UPSR. kak moon is currently busy with all the stuff related to PT3 and kak sarah for SPM. Maryam is 4 this year. She is still the same Maryam probably with less tantrum and more reasonable.

  June babies
 upside down elsa
hubby's old friend..hantar anak ke matrikulasi gambang sambil singgah rumah rakan lama
 bday mama... just makan di crocodile rock
 kenduri kat batupahat..Alhamdulillah always sedap
 cik nai made some cake for Maryam bday
 opah was here before ramadhan for her nephron follow up...after about 2 weeks opah came back to Kuantan with ear kat pasar tani
 bye bye dedicated lecturer has gone back to her country
Pre Ramadhan program by I Medik Kuantan

for kak sarah sweet17 bday mama has decided not to buy cake...sebab selalu beli kek dan tak habis..membazir. Coklat insyaallah habis...
was in Melaka from 20th to 22nd..accompanying ayah who had a seminar at Holiday Inn Melaka and also attended a wedding...

I was not that keen to update the blog but actually it serve as my diary..of what has happened..and it helps me keep some memory of this life...a journey of a lifetime


Al-Manar said...

When I read all the rantings here I can tell myself that was the picture in our home 30 years ago. You too will see what you write today is such a simple part of life that we
should enjoy and be thankful for.

Selamat berpuasa

NBK said...

Terima kasih Pakcik