Saturday, April 19, 2014

ihtifal irsyad 2014

Tahniah kak sarah. I m sorry for not attending the ceremony. Mama prays that kakak keep the momentum till SPM. Thank you for being a pleasant and helpful daughter. Thank you for being understanding. Its not that bad isn't it despite not having a maid at home...Kejayaan Yasmin dan Ikhlas boleh jadi pemangkin buat kakak..its not about the school but you as the student.


Al-Manar said...

I wonder what these postings are about. I feel certain the subjects are interesting but for an occasional reader there are questions.

NBK said...

Asm. Pakcik..takde apa apa..just some academic achievement of the daughter..i just jot down to reminisce later if panjang lah zaman sekarang blog ni kadang kadang berfungsi macam diary....;)