Sunday, January 5, 2014

CUTI SEKOLAH dah habis..

Actually..'dah basi'..never mind, life events...important..
The kids went to Gambang safari at the start of the holiday. Unfortunately I did not go with them thus I have not a single photo. But they had a great time and insyaAllah I will bring Maryam there together with the kakaks and abangs.

Apart from playing game..'sigh'..I manage to send Muneer to the 'Kelas hafazan' conducted at the Akademi Tahfis Indera mahkota owned by DrMN..See, now if you have money you can invest in many things. DMN is a private orthopaedic surgeon, but he is also actively involve in Islamic NGO and is greatly concern about tarbiyah for children. He invests his money in setting up this Tahfiz centre and may Allah ease his journey in da'wah. the response were great from parents in Indera Mahkota to send their children during school holiday...ATIM managed to conduct 3 separate sessions during this school holiday and insyaAllah will have a continuos program starting this year 2014 for children and adults.

 Afiq travel alone by bus from BP to join muneer for the tahfiz program...Alhamdulillah Allah permudahkan. Muneer managed to complete the target..
 A simple closing ceremony

Kak Sarah, Munirah and muneer also got their first hand experience by helping ayah and ISMA team helped flood victims in various places around Kuantan. They help to distribute foods and clean houses affected by the recent flood.


Al-Manar said...

I would like to know what this 'Kelas hafazan' teaches. No doubt the aim must be for the good of the children.

NBK said...

ASM Pakcik. This was a 2-week session. The kids were divided based on their age group. They learn some basic tajwid especially for the new comers, read, memorise and recite with the ustaz. They had long session started at 8.00 am. Recitation of al-mathurat, breakfast, solat dhuha. Tahfiz. Lunch. Zohor berjemaah. tahfiz. Asar. tea. game like ping pong and occasional jog together at nearby areas...