Sunday, January 5, 2014

2014..reminiscing 2013

Allah masih beri kesempatan untuk hidup di tahun 2014. May Allah continue to give me strength, health and patience. May I become a better person. May Allah continue to shower his bless for this family. This year is the 20th. year of my wedding..Alhamdulillah..praying for many more good years ahead together.

Alhamdulillah for 2013....

DEC Ika n Ariff..high achievers young couple with great future ahead insyaAllah 

 I love you Noddy..

 21 SEPT - 6 NOV 2013
the best part of 2013

Raya 2013
 Pagi birthday life revolve around darling was left with atok n nenek during my haj journey..
Jun 2013..the first cucu of Tok Ku Zaifah to end her bachelor life..Alia and Aizu..someone with great humour and good with kids. Now honeymooning somewhere in the cold Japan...
  APRIL..ihtifal for abang Muaz n kakak for PMR and SPM achievements
My first born..'peneman mama' sepanjang those hectic houseman ship. I was 5 months pregnant with him when I started my housemanship in HKL in 1995. I was very often stressed by long working much that I often joke ..'hoping that my son will not look like Dato' Sarvanathan..the HOD' ha ha..Abang Muaz  no longer need his school uniform in 2013..Future? May Allah give the best to abang..anak sulong kesayangan mama.
 Kak sarah..finally came back and stay with mama in Kuantan in 2013. Initially she joined Kak Munirah in SMAAM Bkt Goh but now completing her final year in SMI Al Irshad..All the best 2 both darling daughters for big exam this year..
All my 2013 plan revolve around the content of this piece of letter that we received in Dec 2012. Tawaran mengunjungi Baitullah..SubhanAllah...

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