Monday, August 12, 2013

Syawal 5

 Trying to bring the mood of syawal to the house..left for a week
 White roses to bring some cheers?
 Home sweet home..once the kids go upstairs I usually sit alone few minutes down stairs..enjoying the tidy version of the living room..hahahaha
nothing to do with raya..the upper level family area is now converted to muneer's room..He loves it..:) Just preparing extra room, KIV for extra visitors when I go for pilgrimage


kkida @ 1001resepi said...

ishhhh!!!....makteh update blog pasal raya kalah blogger tegar...heheeee....bravo

NBK said...

Gambar je tu yang laju...kita tunggu cirta blogger tegar about the engagement of the year..;)