Monday, July 22, 2013

the unplanned trip

I ve heard the saying.".if you fail to plan then you plan to fail..". But I think its probably more so on serious matter like your life, study etc. This is just an unplanned trip to Nilai. On Saturday my DH said that he had a program in KL on Sunday. It was already near noon. I looked at the clock and said that probably its good if we can go down and have our iftar with abang Muaz. So within an hour we were already on our way to Nilai of course through the highway. By 4.30 pm we were already in Nilai. Once abang Muaz joined us, we head to the nearest bazaar, bought some kueh as cik nan already prepared some dishes and by around 6.30 we were at cik nannie's home already. Alhamdulillah, penuh jugak lah meja kat rumah cik nannie...:)

After tarawih we head home. It was pass mid-night when we settled down. Alhamdulillah we had sahur ihsan cik nan again...since banyak lauk lebih we tapau some including sahur done. The next day as DH and abang Muaz went to the ISMA gathering for support towards Presiden Morsi in front of the TH building, mama and the rest waited at the KLCC..and Maryam thought the air pancut looked amazing and requested for photo..and ask if she can swim too..:)

Its not 1 Malaysia...just a gesture?
beautiful day...
Once DH came we quickly head to Nilai and said goodbye to abang Muaz...Alhamdulillah we were home just before iftar and had enough time to drop by Maran bazar to buy some food..


Al-Manar said...

I had a good laugh at my own folliness reading this posting. Just for a moment you imagine yourself readin a script in perfect English and you come across this line " She thought the air pancut looked amaing ...."

I was certain the pancut had been wrongly spelt. I thought of 'air pancake' 'air- tight' 'air punch'??

Finally I realised where I went wrong looking at the picture - water fountain ! Its water not air.

Thank you for witty joke on me.

NBK said...

Assalamualaylkum pakcik. It was not meant to be funny but it does when you mention it..;) btw pakcik it actually is 'embarassing' when you know someone like pakcik and the like of mamasita read your (mine actually) blog because you guys write in a different standard of english..i always admire and respect those senior to me when i read their writing or converse with them...

Al-Manar said...

It was meant to be a light-hearted joke. Of course you write perfectly well and for that I was merrily reading until I stumbled. I see no reason why we cannot slip in a couple of Malay words - mewarna warniksn saja. Kalau tidak nanti jemu pula.

I frequent your blog because you do not get into the 'trendy' habit of mixed ( I call rojak)language. Cheer up. I did not mean to belittle you in the least. I apologise for making you feel that way.

NBK said...

Ha ha no I don't feel belittle by your comments..True cheer up its ramadhan..:)