Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Appreciate your BFF..

Who is your BFF?..I ve got few good friends either among the colleagues or old friends from mrsm or adelaide times. You accumulate friends along the way but usually you have few close ones. In life we have different categories of people. Your parents, your siblings. These are people whom you know will back you up regardless of your circumstances... At least for me. I dont know about others. And you also have few good friends to whom you might share things that you dont with even your parents or siblings.  A best friend is some one who can accept your good and bad behaviours and for ever willing to accomodate, advise and forgive you...hahaha tiba-tiba terasa perlu menukilkan sesuatu... i misplaced some important documents pertaining to the haj few days ago, my BFF didnt even say 'uh'..and it has always been that way whenever i was being careless etc, few minors and not-so-minor incidents, car damaged, decisions etc. He will just do his best to improve the situations. He may not be very romantic or very verbal about his love, care or concern but he never raise his voice unneccessarily. He will only speak up if those under his care do not try their best to comply to the basic tenets of the religion. Cover your aurat properly, wear socks and handsocks (i m still experience itchiness..but much better now), recite quran daily, read al-mathurat and listen to him reading the story of rasullalullah or the sahabah etc. He is not perfect, neither do I x 100 :)...He has been my BFF for almost 20 years now, am hoping for more good years ahead and of course till jannah...

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