Wednesday, June 5, 2013

old friends

Alhamdulillah, our old MATES visited us last thursday. K Long and Boone as we had always known them were in Kuantan for a short vacation. We were neighbours in Adelaide. k long and boone were among the pioneers of 'married students'. They were married at the end of their second year at med school. The are blessed with two handsome boys. These friends of mine, are now succesfull medical specialists, Boone being an O&G expert while K long the radiologist.
While i can understand the call for 'only-female-O&G specialists' in malaysia by someone few weeks ago, i dont know if many lady doctors out there willing to serve like this one male government O&G expert. Since there is not many senior consultant O&G serving in the government hospital (as the offer at the private hospital is indeed very lucrative), its not uncommon for boone to travel past midnight for 1 and a 1/2 hour from Muar to Segamat to help save mother's and/or baby's life when emergency take place in Segamat. Once he told about a baby stuck half way during vaginal delivery as the baby had a big abdomen due to congenital abnormality. And this is not an isolated case especially when you are talking about pregnant mothers from 'remote' area like felda or even orang asli at southern part of Pahang who often go to Segamat just for the delivery. Most often this patients default follow ups arrange for them by midwives who visit them at home. As for the baby, he or she is now in But alhamdulillah the mother is still safe and sound..
2 good friends who get to know each other on an express bus from Batu Pahat to Penang in 1988 while on their way to register as matriculation students at USM campus. Both were travelling on their own..:). Boone an ex MRSM Muar while doc Salleh an ex-SM Dato Sulaiman Parit Sulong.
With K Long and son...kak sarah and kak mun..:). They were served with the 'best' nasi arab..ha ha..all packed foods. Nasi Arab Dallah near ECM, not bad, plus murtabak mengkasar and sate dzul. Hopefully many more MATES will drop by to our house.


Al-Manar said...

I can only look back to think of the occasions I met old friends who were still in service. Today, my old friends are truly aged, retired and the the unfortunate some having health problems. How true the saying

...... muda sebelumtua .... sakit sebelum uzur ...

NBK said...

asm uncle. ..jika dulu lagi dah ada internet tentu lebih banyak cerita teman lama uncle.