Friday, June 14, 2013

Motivasi dari yang pergi...

A colleague passed away few days ago. Though we work in different department we often met Assoc. Prof SK F, a senior lecturer at the Department of Community Medicine. I think many people at the kulliyyah 'know' him as we often met him at the stairs, going up slowly to his room. A quite person whom i often gave salam to. Occasionally I saw him with his daughter. He was not from here, so when he passed away few days ago due to acute myocardial infarction, they need to keep them at the mortuary for a day to arrange his final passage to his homeland Bangladesh. The thought of him alone at the mortuary freezer became a reminder and push this lazy bones to leave the comfort of the blanket and pillows at the middle of the night. As human we tend to have ups and downs even in our ibadah. We hear many reminders from the experts, live or through other mediums. The input sometimes result in response, sometimes its more like 'masuk telinga kiri and keluar telinga kanan'. But as we aged, when we encounter death of loved ones or some one known to us especially the 'impact' I would say is more compelling...

 Daripada Abu Hurairah r.a. katanya, Rasulullah s.a.w. bersabda, maksudnya:
"Sesiapa yang hadir menziarah jenazah sehingga dia dapat menyembahyangkannya, maka baginya mendapat pahala sebuah gunung dan sesiapa hadir menziarah sehingga jenazah itu dikebumikan. Maka ia mendapat pahala sebesar dua buah gunung."
(Riwayat Bukhari dan Muslim) (

May Allah bless his soul and place him in jannah...Al-Fatehah

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