Sunday, June 16, 2013

'Dating' ke Palong 3.0

Alhamdulillah..a fairly long journey, but not that tiring because it was ' a trip for two'..ha ha..nothing special. We decided that we should leave the kiddos at home. Mama 'get to rest' a bit and maryam can enjoy 'sisters day' with kak sarah. It took about 3 hours from Kuantan to Felda palong 3. The kenduri was for Liza, daughter to hubby's cousin. When we reached there it was about 2 pm. The pengantin had not arrived yet. We were invited to enjoy the food first. And the food was.....mmmm this one 'abang jais' can really cook...There was nasi minyak, lauk daging (I can not resist this lauk daging, the meat was so soft and the gravy..phewww), ayam masak merah, ikan bilis goreng with ?sengkuang, soto and kuah lodeh. Unfortunately i only managed to snap the nasi minyak as no other visitors were doing the same..macam jakun sikit rasa..:)

At about 2.30 pm the pengantin lelaki arrived. Close relatives sat infront of the pelamin for 'tol' session.
'Bargaining' sessions..:)
the lady sitting next to the bride get the 'best tol' money..:)
Selamat..Pengantin Baru..lagu ala saloma..
Goodies from the bride's family

Nasi berkat...unlike kenduri at Batu Pahat, for this wedding nasi berkat was given to close relatives only..and we are considered among them..:)

So..when is our next date?..:)


Al-Manar said...

It is a joy driving into FELDA schemes to see Malay familes who are generally very well organised. Schools are located stratagically with hostels. One can only hope that the second and third generations will be better educated to join the fight for survival.

NBK said...

Very true uncle..they can not just depend on the land given to their parents.