Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Whats on the 'menu'

Its 2 days away. Its hectic out there..but more so in the net. We are overwhelmed with 'informations' and suffocated by the 'fires' and 'bombs' from the main 2 giants in this PRU13. So this year in syaa Allah for the first time i ll be casting my vote here. In 2008 we were in KL and for some reasons we could not make it. In 2003 we casted the vote for Teruntum area and in 1998 we drove all the way to cast in Bera.

So here in our area, I would say that I can see some physical developments have been going on. The refurbishment of the sport facilities, new bus terminal plus the new private hospital and whats going on in the campus itself whether they are directly or indirectly connected to the previous ADUN or not...I personally dont see much local issues but I m sure people here take note on whats going on at the national level. We have been reciving pamphlets mainly from the opposition and i would say that they are not 'very green' in this context..but you need to get the message across to the voters, so that may justify their effort.

A very 'personal' effort, the little blue card with ribbon has message in malay and chinese, distributed personally by the candidate at the traffic light junction in IM. And i get to know that Dato Fauzi is the son of Abd Rahman Talib...the SMART school named after him..the father must have been be a great man.
As for the DUN, we have a 3 corner fight. Undi adalah rahsia. IM is a malay majority area. There are 2 big tertiary education centres here and many government offices. At the moment we have to decide who will get our vote...the 'menu' has been laid..

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