Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother's day?

Pagi tadi ada anak dara yang telefon and wish mak dia happy mother's day.....thank you darling. Mama appreciate kakak's effort and at the same time mama ok even yang lain tak wish..sincere sincere..Mama buat pizza budget pagi ni..budget sebab just guna apa yang ada kat fridge..:)
tup tup kak moon call n wish mama too...tq..ada tukang ajar ya.:)
sekali hadap tinggal sekeping..kecian kakak-kakak kat hostel
 yang pedas
 yang tak pedas

 instagramming is associated with mental disorder? aiman tak kisah..:)


Al-Manar said...

After seeing your comments I came to view this blog owner. Our second, a boy was born in October 1968. Does this ring a bell? He rang up his mother to greet her.

I wonder if you are at IIUM in Kuantan where one of my Almanar pupils is doing dentistry.

Thank you for the visit. It is my wish and a pleasure to know that Almanar is viewed by readers like you. Incidentally I came across your posting mentioning 'Almanar'. For one second I thought it was my Almanar! Do come again.

NBK said...

ha ha uncle than i m few months older than your son...You are doing a noble job through your yayasan. Indeed i m a lecturer at medical school IIUM...Dental school is our neighbour.