Monday, April 29, 2013

'chauffeured' around..

hi hi..tajuk! if ada mercedes or bmw tergedang kat laman...So, apart from the gray hairs that occasionally pop out from under the awning of my tudung, being chauffeured around by my very own abang muaz is also another sign of aging..:) He finally got his license about a month ago. Though i was initially not very keen to let him drive..the father always encourage and ask him to drive around. So mama also try and be supportive, though initially more often than not i had to resort to the 'pseudo' brake in the passenger side. List of do's and dont's keep ringing in his ear if mama is one of the passenger. But the good thing is if its on the highway, i can actually sit back and relax more since the 'driver' listen to 'my advice' and drive less than 100 km/ hour..:) And since he can drive, the motorbike at home since a bit deserted...hi hi..BERHATI-HATI DI JALAN RAYA!!!


Al-Manar said...

In KL last week I was chauffeur-driven for the first time by one of my grandsons who passed his test a coule of weeks ago. Seeing how he drove I told him that I would have failed him for sure!

NBK said...

wah...jauh lagi 'perjalanan'saya...moga diberi umur untuk di 'chauffeur-driven' cucu..:)