Sunday, March 10, 2013

Kalam Jamaie at KIPSAS

 Congrats kak mun..;) next time mama sponsor sarung tangan yg fit..hi hi

Went to KIPSAS to support kak munirah in kalam jamaie, the equivalent of choral speaking, just in Arabic language and the emphasize on the inclusion of hadith or quranic verses with topic ranging from respecting parents, teachers to animals mentioned in the quran. Was very interesting indeed, though have to admit that most of the words spoken were not understood by me..shame..shame..A relatively small competition yet a good start for a new school like Al-Maarif who managed to be in the second place...Al-Maarif group comprised of the form 2 students, while the winner was SMA Pulau Tawar Jerantut? all form 5 boys but their presentation was really interesting...


Al-Manar said...

Occasionally I go round the 'blogs' stopping where I see something interesting, leaving comments here and there.

That wedding looks interestingly unuusual, the ribbons etc. This other post is about Kalam Jamaie. I wonder what KIPSAS stands for - Koleg Islam ----? Were speeches made in Arabic? If so do the audience come from Arabic speaking communuity? I am sorry for my ignorance. I even woder what KUATAGH is.

NBK said...

asm uncle. ex kuatagh because i am an ansarian..anak sains mara...mrsm kuantan..Regarding kalam jamie its exactly like choral speaking its just that its in bahasa arab. KIPSAS is kolej islam pahang sultan Ahmad Shah..thanks for reading