Tuesday, January 15, 2013

PG Student

Alhamdulillah akhirnya Sr FAJ selesai membentangkan proposalnya untuk PhD dalam farmakologi. I m happy with her performance and we also get good input from the chairperson Dr.J a highly respected statistician. I m not a very well-organised person. I admit that. It translates into the way my office is and also my work out put. As well as at home. Though i try my best to put things into order thay finally will just jumble up. Some people are gifted with a very organised thought and manner. Things that need to be reviewed:
1. Title of proposal.
2. Arrangement of dummy tables for data must be in agreement with the objectives of study
3. To teach the student on sample size calculation
4. To show her examples of SPSS data arrangement.
5. Budget....for research
6. Too many parameters: Its better to exagerate in the first place, get feed back at presentation and cut down.

Now that she has completed the proposal need to really get her to be in the lab and start doing the procedures. In syaa Allah.


shaty said...
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shaty said...

as salam .. and ' salam perkenalan'. I'm ur silent follower or reader :) Really love ' ur way of life ' .. very ' humble' in educating ur kids and taking care of ur famly; trying hard to raise them on the right track .. to produce a good MUSLIM family. Well .. its my first time putting downm some thots here .. really love ur words : Some people are gifted with a very organised thought and manner !' true indeed. I totall agree :) Im like u .. not efficient at all in organising things. Unlike my sis and a few of my friends .. their working table reflects their ' workmanship ' in organising their things he he .. even their handbags are not as bulky as mine .. LOL. Kak zue .. Alor Setar