Thursday, October 11, 2012

Whats up opah?

Opah's nightmare started on Monday actually. She took a jab of analgesia from A&E Kuale kangsor. On Tuesday afternoon I was talking to her thru phone when she said she need to hang up as the postman was out there. I posted a box of drugs on Monday. At around 4 pm Tuesday she called again saying she had supra pubic pain, could not pee and had backpain as well. I asked her to rush to A&E again as I think she had acute urinary obstruction. She was there around Maghrib. They put CBD to her. There was minimal urine. But she was given U-lite, a urine alkaliniser, she refused the jab and was sent home. She was still in pain. Then the plan to take the long journey started thanks to the good communication system we have. At around 3 am next morning she went to get the jab and head towards KL with izham n d gang..hi hi. Kda and team quickly took over and drove like F1 driver to Kuantan. Alhamdulillah the long ride ended around 2 pm with opah of course exhausted from the long journey. Alhamdulillah the U-lite n drinks she took bring back the urine. At HTAA she went thru ultrasound of the abdomen that showed mild hydronephrosis of the left kidney but no stone seen. On thursday morning we took some blood at home and went for abdominal CT in the afternoon. The CT showed no hydronephrosis by then but no stone seen. This morning we went to see the urologist my old neighbour and alhamdulillah there was no stone and based on the history the stone might had been dissolved by the plenty of fluid plus the urine alkaliniser. Syukurnye ya Allah and since the stone may recur i just inform opah about it. Moga Opah tak kena lagi


Nur Zalikha Mohd Sabri said...

Alhamdulillah..opah riuh mcm biasa masa kakak call.

NBK said...

hi hi back to opah normal self