Friday, August 3, 2012

Kak sarah's 2012 Dublin Literary Award for Young Malaysians entree

Though kakak did not win, mama still is very proud of your effort and courage to be part of the challenge. The title for this year Star Dublin literary award was " Becareful what you wish for"..


I am a doctor and I am also a patient. i love my work. I like curing my patients and the most important thing is that I love seeing my patients smiling happily. I like my stethoscope and my white coat. For all my work life what I don't like are 'The Germs'. I remember about five years ago, when I was 21 years old. The experience I got was so great but really truly and absolutely yucky. Could anyone imagine seeing germs, viruses, bacteria and all those microorganisms that ever exist in this world. Everywhere all these germs can be seen. So how do I start my story? Okay now I get it.

So when I was 21 years old, I was a medic student at Australia that time. I was also an asthmatic patient, so what I've been wishing almost everytime the asthma attacked me and everytime I see patients was 'I Wish I Can See Germs', aren't I an inspiring doctor?.. So once in all my life time, my wish really did became a reality.

So I was so happy on that Saturday morning. I woke up and I saw germs everywhere even on my body. I was very happy eventhough I know it was a yucky thing. So just on that time I appreciate the 'can-see-germs experience’.

So like the other days, I went to the bathroom but what I saw was a very different sight of my bathroom. There were so many bacterias, viruses and those yucky organisms. So, I brush my teeth quickly and went to the store where I put all my cleaning stuff. So I took all my cleaning-the-toilet equipments. Soon I started to brush, wipe wash and clean everypart of my bathroom. After cleaning my bathroom, I bathed myself. Eventhough it was tiring, but you know what, it was great seeing a very clean bathroom. After bath, I went back to my room.

So again I started to clean, but now I clean my bedroom. These germs were also on my bed, it was so frightening, I was like 'Oh my God, for all these night I've been sleeping with these enemies!', so I took off my bed cloth and put them in a bag to get them to the dobby. Then, I started to mop the floor and wipe my cupboard, even my books and all my pens and other stationeries. I even put my pencil box in my laundry bucket to wash them later. After I've made sure that my room was clean, I boiled some egg and served some toasted bread with jam for breakfast. I don't know why, but remembering those things made me laugh. I can't take it how I could wished for such things. Okey forget it.

I'll continue with my story. So after having breakfast, I again continue with my cleaning project, but eventhough I've put all my effort on cleaning but these germs weren't really becoming zero, but at least they were decreasing, and it made my cleaning project longer until I , myself gave up , because all those things were wasting my time, so after that I put my laundry in the washing machine and washed them. After I hang my clothes, I took my car key and drove myself to the dobby nearby to send my bed cloth and then I brought myself to the shopping mall. I went to the bookstore as usual, but the sight in the bookstore made my eyes hurt. I can’t even touch those books, they were viruses everywhere, at the counter, on the shelves, even the health books doesn’t even look healthy, so I ran out from the bookstore and lifted my feet to the grocery area. As expected, I didn’t bought much, I just bought some fruits and juices, because those things were the things with least bad germs.

After having such a crazy shopping day for less than three hours, I went back to the dobby to take my bed cloth, but of course in a cleaner version. After that I decided to go back home.

Arriving home was another horrible experience, the germs on the road, in the air, on the buses, taxis, there were much uglier and more slimy and their colours made me want to vomit. The scenery along the park also wasn’t helpful, the park were hopeless, the playground and the trashcan all covered with harmful germs, so before I see something even more horrible , I decided to just go home and have some rest ( mentally and physically, I mean)

Arriving home at last reduced my stress( I am greatful even a bit ). For once I could smile . From the moment I woke up in the morning, I’ve seen so many types of microorganisms such as, the viruses, the bacterias, the germs and other multi and unicellular organisms and what really go me was that I can really see their actual shape, size and colours( just like those in the books). So I thought  “okay since today is Saturday, in two hours  time, I should be going to the hospital. What I need to do is be patience and just rest”. So I went to the kitchen served the fruits and spaghetti I bought earlier at the mall. As usual, I ate all by myself ( except when my friends come). So after having my lunch, I clean a bit, went to my bedroom, pray and get some 30 minutes nap.

3.05 exact in the evening I woke up, and took my second bath of the day, wash my bathroom a bit(again) and finished around 3.45. I wore a t-shirt, a slack, a pair of socks, a pair of casual shoes and scarf to cover my head. I’m now ready to go to the hospital. The Royal Adelaide Hospital took about 15 minutes from my house . I came there every Saturday and Wednesday as my syllabus include making-around at the hospital with my professor. You know for once I was very proud. I could tell what the patients illnesses were and the professor keep praising me.

All of that happens because I can detect the viruses in their body easily. But the trouble was that, I’m scared to touch these patients which made me felt very sad, because doctor is not supposed to be like that.

I went back home after finishing with my duties around 9 p.m. Before I sleep, I makesure that I pray and I flashed back the whole weird day I had been through. I realized that the whole day was  full of troubles. I wasted my time cleaning and stressing myself. I should have done everything in Saturday, but because of my sight  my activities were limited. So what I thought was that, this wish just brought troubles to myself. Now I know and realized how intelligent god is to limit our sight just suit the humans right.

After years,  I am now a very happy and successful doctor with my normal eyes. So makesure and becareful before wishing or doing something. Don’t just think of the easy way, because the longer  the way we take, the more the experience we’ll get, and lastly, be happy and grateful for what we have. 



Nur Zalikha Mohd Sabri said...

wooot tahniah...keep up your efforts.. not winning doesn't mean you're loosing.

NBK said...

exactly kak..;)