Friday, July 6, 2012

Next roqaya al-gassra?

Early Saturday morning, 07072012..the athlete-to-be was still sleeping, soundly, after a dose of yummy dugrow..Fortunately she woke up without much hassle. After messing up the house a bit here and there, we managed to reach the glorious IIUM stadium approximately 15 minutes past 9 with the hope that our next roqaya ;) will still get her chance to show her skill...hi hi

After registration, our athletes were waiting under the tent patiently but that was not very long before some of them started to ki including the future roqaya..tu muka dah nak start nangis lah tu..kuang kuang. Those near to her were the two-years old. Those at the back sitting with blue shirts were the 3 yrs old while those standing were the 4, 5 and 6 years old buddies.

the seniors showing of their hula dancing was decent though..;)

There were 5 or 6 athletes who braved the bright morning sun..dashing across the track and from far we can see 1 single baby girl reaching the final line alone...hi hi yang lain pi mana? BTW kerana ramai athlete yang tak sampai-sampai satu set je yang lari and boys and girls mix..maryam was running ahead of others sebab dia memang pantang dapat lepas, bila dengar wisel and mama suruh lari..dush dia terus lari menonong walhal tadi melalak kat padang..;)

Yay..alhamdulillah..finally the "long-awaited present" is in my yummy...

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