Friday, February 17, 2012

HFM disease

Maryam has been down with HFM disease since 5 days ago. It started with fever that responded to PCM. Alhamdulillah she is the type that like paracetamol, sampai terpaksa sorok ubat. On monday we still sent her to the nursery but by tuesday she started to develop blisters on her feet. Later it developed on her hands. so i was away from work for 3 days. As for today DH has to take over since i ve got a lecture with the second year student. Hopefully the blisters will start to dry by sunday since i have another lecture on monday. insyaAllah need to be in Gombak on tuesday for IRIIE 2012. Ya Allah semuga Kau permudahkan urusan hamba mu ini..


mamasita said...


Hope Maryam cepat sembuh ye Doc..:)

NBK said...

dah okThanks akak..alhamdulillah..