Friday, February 17, 2012

Asmara opps asrama..

..Dah sebulan lebih sekolah start..dah sebulan lebih jugak anak daras and anak teruna pi asrama. Of all the three, kak munirah is the luckiest i guess because the school is just about 20 minutes away from home and she get to come back every week, but alternating between outing, meaning she comes home from 8-6pm, and balik coming back home on friday and to school again on Sunday. She brings back all the clothes and cadar/selimut, get it washed at home and ironed...So far alhamdulillah she adapts very well and feel sorry because few of her friends have decided not to stay in the hostel. Never once did she shed tears depan mama. Probably because she gets to see us often and know that mama can be there..insyaAllah..whenever she calls. and the best part it to see her growing interest in the study. Never did i see her put so much interest in her study during primary school. Homeworks need reminder. She is also keen to participate in any activities either in class or extracurricular. So keen to tell about activities in class, outside, about teachers, about roomates etcetra...syukur alhamdulillah..May Allah permudahkan urusan kak munirah seterusnya..

Kak Sarah pun dah tak wekwek sangat..Maybe sebab tahun ni dah second year kat hidayah. And also important year for her to concentrate. As for abang usual..bila nak calling-calling mama tah.

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