Friday, December 30, 2011

SBPA?...can be better..

I ve read a lot of comments regarding this new scheme that will be introduced to the government (+university) staff. We had the opportunity to listen to explaination by the management officer. It was a live telecast session. I would say the attendance was not very encouraging. The sessions were split for different categories. Ours was at around 11.00 am before the Jumaah prayer. It was fairly straight forward as the university will basically adapt the government policy. Based on what was presented I realized why there are grouses by some staff regarding the policy. While acknowledging the problem faced by other staff category, I particularly look at the problem faced by those in the DU54 level. Obviously by the bracketing system, seniority is no longer exist in the service, yet this is one of important factor that need to be addressed by those making the policy. Due to the 1 tier system, all pakar regardless of working experience (1 year or 10, 11 or maybe more.. ) will all be lump sumped into 1 salary scale. I wonder who is the 'clever' guy or team behind the idea. Unlike the JUSA group whom I heard will get a point to point increment, those in DU54 category will not be that lucky. The 'cool' session was a bit heated up when the admin staff said that, for academician seniority is not important as those who is 'active' will be given a kenaikan pangkat. She was 'fired' directly when our senior doctor said.."if you become sick and need operation, who will you prefer to operate on you, a young junior doctor or someone with lots of experience?". Indeed in medical line where you are talking about life and death, experience thus count (not that i deny the importance of experience in other job, but in medicine you are talking about nyawa manusia, not about engine, machine, system or whatever) I really hope not only at the university level but more important in the KKM, they will consider the grouses made by these people...

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