Monday, October 10, 2011

lets zumba..

Yes finally managed to set my foot at Try my gym and joined the troop of zumba..I really enjoyed the session as there were only girls. Memang berpeluh sakan basah t shirt and tudung. So for those out there especially yang kat Indera mahkota ni, jom join kitorang berzumba dengan our expert Dr. ailin, Dr. Lita and Dr. Azian, all are certified zumba instructors. For just 1 hour you really sweat out..ha ha. Kalau rasa tak boleh ikut beat pun takpa..because at the end of the day memang berpeluh. It really surprised me because I thought I wont be able to walk straight this lah dah lama tak exercise..alhamdulillah no muscle or joint pain as expected. For me this is an interesting session because instead of jog around the tasik or kayuh the tread mill (tapi tak sampai sampai destinasi...:)..we get to move all the joints and stretch our muscles while enjoying the beat..hi hi.

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