Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Kiamat sudah dekat

Dunia dah makin tunggang langgang
Homo dan lesb..mengaku secara terbuka
di dewa-dewa
nak beranak lah pula
yang mana mama?
yang mana papa?
tengah malam nangis mintak susu dari siapa?
anak bisa jadi gila

En Pit dan Ms Jolie
pasangan berzina hidup berkeluarga
di agung agung..
jadi contoh parents 'berhati mulia'?
bela anak pelbagai 'kaler'?

Bila manusia menggunakan kepala lutut unuk berfikir inilah jadinya...
Besarnya cabaran anak-cucu-cicit-piat-piut di masa hadapan..:(

MELBOURNE: Malaysian-born Australian Finance Minister Penny Wong (pix) has revealed that she and partner, Sophie Allouache, are expecting a baby.
Allouache is pregnant and due to give birth in December, AdelaideNow (OK) reports.
The baby was conceived using sperm from a donor known to the couple and with the assistance of IVF.
Senator Wong, one of the most senior ministers in the Gillard Government, is the first openly gay minister in federal politics.In a short statement to AdelaideNow, a delighted Senator Wong said: "Like any expecting parents, the prospect of welcoming this child into our lives fills us both with joy.
"We are extremely grateful to our IVF service and staff, and to our donor, for giving us the opportunity to raise a child together.
She indicated that she would not be making the identity of the father known publicly by agreement with him.
"We have chosen to make this statement about Sophie's pregnancy as we understand there may be public interest due to my position.
"This is, however, a very private matter and we ask for our privacy to be respected during this time."
She said she did not intend to make any further statements after Tuesday's announcement. - Bernama