Thursday, July 21, 2011

we are not sleeping ok

Though there is no student around at uni, the on going projects at the department do keep us on toes. Just like this afternoon we had this meeting with the OHS*S expert. Its interesting to see how people present themselves in front of others. I personally feel that the way we treat people varies. The same method that we use when dealing with one group, does not necessary fit well for others. Especially when you are dealing with seniors and top management officers. The clown like approach doesn't look very nice in my eyes. I dont know about others but at least not me. Apart from that i was again involved with the Research Methodology course. Just like last year, 2 main topics,  Lab research and Student-supervisor relationship were covered, plus an update of the department research milieu. InsyaAllah I ll be able to participate more actively once this little donut grows older..Yup once bb maryam get her feet she surely wants to explore more, leaving mum with less chores..ha ha ye ke? Next week we ll bury ourselves with PBL workshop..ha ha dear students , be prepared with new and fresh cases right from the oven, Surely you wont expect to see the same case being shoved into you year in year out. Especially with this 3-months holiday period sure you make your self busy with tonnes of book like Kumar & clark and Talley O Conner. We ll make sure the case is so tough that you 'curse' your self for sleeping or enjoying the korean DVD's for the past 2 months..ha ha nasty lecturer.

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