Thursday, July 21, 2011

Am i still 'sane'

ha ha..I was busy washing dishes in the kitchen while holding bb in one hand. Muneer suddenly came to the kitchen and suddenly..prangggg..pieces of my favorite ceramic mug scattered on the floor. Surprise..surprise, not a tiny bit of anger or frustration sparked.."This is not me"..really..the other voice in my head was telling me..Yup..not me, who is often a bit paranoid and fairly hot tempered. I don't know, probably months of being maidless some how taught me to be more tolerant to this once 'anger-sparked' event. Yup, very tolerant now to mountains of unsettled clothes on the bed, dishes piling in the basin. If i m not that tired, i usually clean them up, otherwise they can wait till tomorrow. What is more important is that i get the time that i want, enough to make me happy going through my daily life. When the mood is there, i iron all the necessary uniforms the kids need for the whole week. Otherwise the few minutes in between preparing bb's porridge and kid's breakfast would be enough..ngam ngam...gitu. Luckily, the weekly visit by mashitah n co at least reduce the tomorrow is friday..anyone wants to follow me to ECM..wink wink

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