Monday, June 6, 2011

More Incentives please..

I think specialist in the government hospital should be given additional incentives, especially so in areas where it involve hands on procedures like in surgery, O & G, orthopedic. For each operation done post-office hour they should be given additional incentives say RM200 per case. But I m sure, whenever we ask for extra payment, there are always people out there who would say that we are being selfish..and should serve full with dignity and compassion..Yeah yeah yeah..

For those who are not aware a specialist/ consultant are paid a mere RM150 per call which I think is ridiculous considering the job they perform. I remember when I had laparoscopic cholecystectomy done a few years back,in private hospital, the bill was about RM8000 for a one night stay, about 1 hour pre-op clinic visit and about 1 hour operation time. My DH must be very rich now considering the number of lap chole that he had performed during his nine years tenure as a surgeon, if he is in private.

Today, for the first time I m at my DH house during working day, so just like I had always thought before..he s working hours is like a houseman. He was at the hospital before 8 am. Had a quick lunch at around 2 pm. Quickly dashed back to OT. Was with us for about 30 minutes for his quick dinner after maghrib. While having his dinner the phone rang again. dashed back to the hospital without even having the chance to take a shower. And now its nearly 12 midnight..he is either in OT or completing his night round. And he is lucky today that I m at home for I managed to buy something for us for dinner. I wonder what was his dinner when I m not around, and the food at the cafe was...emmm. I dont think he has enough time to wonder around this sg. Buloh area if he is on-call.

So..kepada orang-orang besar pembuat polisi kat atas nun..jenguk-jenguk la pakar-pakar kat spital gomen ni yang kerja macam kuli. Housemen now adays memang lah berlambak tapi pakar kat spital gomen ni bukan lah banyak mana sangat. Kot yang ada pun yang baru setahun jagung. Beri lah extra incentives kepada yang dah senior ni. Terutamanya pakar-pakar yang hands on ni..yang dok belah perut orang, kepala orang, hati orang..lagi lama, lagi mahir ..So kalau depa stay kat gomen lama-lama dapt le rakyat marhaen tumpang kepakaran depa. Sebab rakyat marhaen yang kebayakan orang kita ni tak mampu nak pi spital yang canggih manggih.

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ida @ 1001resepi said...

agreee....lama-lama berdiri belah orang 4,5 jam...tulang belakang pakar pun boleh bengkok...kepada big-bog bos kat atas sana kena ambil berat hal ni...jika tidak habis semua pakar cabut lari masuk private...garenti income puluhan ribuan dan ada sampai ratusan ribuan ringgit...benda lain gomen boleh spent jutaan ringgit, nak bayar orang yang pakar dlm bidang perubatan kedekut bebeno...dahlah belajar dulu pun hampir separuh nak gila...bila dah kerja pun teruk sampai nak makan dan mandi pun tak sempat...Dr Salleh, bila dah dapat pakar ni cabutlah gi private...baru berbaloi...