Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hey! Where s the doctor?

While I m typing this entry, my kids are preparing themselves to go out. Its half past one and our stomach are grumbling. Before DH went to work this morning, I told him that I ll go out with the kids to have lunch and wont disturb him. He just said. " Call la bila nak keluar". Yup theres uncertainty in his voice. I dont mind.

I know his work schedule is %&@#..DH has been in this hospital for about 5 months and compared to his previous work schedule this is 'bad' I would say. In Kuantan he ? never come home before 5.30..but here coming home by maghrib/ Isyak is the norm. If he can come home any earlier, its luxury...

Specialist on-call in this hospital, I believe, is 'worse' than many housemen in many parts of Malaysia. With 10 calls per month its just like my on-call list 15 years ago in HKL. And if you think specialist call means dangling their legs at home watching football, you better knock your head several times on the wall. Specialist call means 'hanging around' in wards or 'being a surgeon' means standing several hours doing operation...

I m used to 'female voice' at the other end of the phone..Misi yang jawab phone..for I know if that is so, my DH is 'scrubbed' and busy operating people, either a perforated ulcers that need to be sewn over, endoscopy, laparotomy, etc etc.

While others are having their wildest dream, a surgeon on-call is probably fighting their sleepy head to complete an important life/death operation at 2 am in the morning.

I guess this 'bad working ' hours is probably related to specialist moving out of the GH to private practices as they get lucrative offers from private sectors...

So next time if you go to government hospital and especially if you are waiting for the surgeon...Please ..dont 'curse' him..for he probably has been on his feet since early morning doing some important procedure in the operationg theatre..

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