Wednesday, May 18, 2011

All the best

Another batch of students has completed their profesional exam. As if a heavy burden had just being lifted up of my shoulder once I finish marking the papers. In a day or two the result will come out. What happen after that? After few months of holiday they will finally go to clinical years. I really hope they will put some effort on their part to brush up their knowledge so that they will be able to breeze through the clinical years. Not just theoretical knowledge, they also need to communicate well with their future patients. I notice that some students though are good on papers need an extra push when come to human-human interaction. Most important they must be able to 'tackle' the patients. Smile ..yes thats it. Some of them are a bit 'cold' and I m afraid if they do not improve they will have problem to get well with their 'potential' clients...Patients are like 'baby' sometimes. They not only wants verbal or medical advise from us ..but also tender loving care and understanding from their physician. of luck to all of them.

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