Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Weekend project

In Adelaide we lived on our own, by renting house with friends. Unlike students who lived in hostel, we basically survived on our own. Every weekend we took turn to go to the market to get fish, vegies and fruits. We collect money among us and spent it on groceries and things from the market. I was surprised when I first went to the market in Adelaide. Unlike our usual smelly and wet market here, theirs were/are pleasant and a nice place to be in. And it was and still is clean. It was a place with bright colours of fruits and flowers, smells of fresh breads and drinks etc. I enjoyed my time in the market.

The adelaide Market

Fresh fruits and flowers filling up the bazaar. As we can not afford to buy the asean vegies like sawi or kangkung, we end up buying broccoli, cauli flowers, carrots, potatoes, peas, etc. But we still purchased some hot chillies at the Chinese groceries there.

Brussel sprout. Cheap veggies in Adelaide. We boil them and eat with sambal belacan. ganti ulam.

The fish store
We used ticket system to buy the fish. Most of the fish are sold as fillets. But we bought whole fish and clean them at home.

Tommy ruff. I think the cheapest fish available. We eat this a lot as we cant afford to buy expensive fillet. We made sure all of us will get a least 1 fish per meal. Otherwise we ordered halal chicken or meat from our friends.

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mysweetgurl said...

Salam Dr. Nor,
Pls dont mistaken me i did this while waiting for OT call for emegency op.. Kenangan di Adelaide is very true.. Ingat lagi apa nama kedai yg jual ikan cross the Central Market. The tommy ruff still very correct. Apa pun bedal jer Tommy Ruff. Alhamdulillah lepas perut diisi dgn Tommy Ruff goreng sambal kita study tak ler perut grumpyyy..
Frm Ana Muo..