Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My baby warded

Maryam was warded for 1 night on the 28 of march. I brought her to the A& E as i noted that she was having some rhonchi and wheezing. earlier during the night I brought her to Aw's clinic at Beserah and he advised me to bring maryam for another neb later. At around 1 am I drove to HTAA after leaving muneer at fidah's house. Thanx very much to dear fidah who was ever willing to lend a hand. I thought maryam would just be given a neb, observed and discharge, instead was ask to be admitted. Alhamdulillah it was just for a night otherwise I would probably get admitted my self. Alhamdulilla Allah permudahkan. When Dh arrived in the next morning he took charge and I quickly went home and get a shower. My dear friend lela was there to send me to HTAA. Thanx dear friend. I m forever indebted to you guys...Bila berjauhan dari saudara mara, kawan-kawan dan jiran lah saudara kita..Syukur ya Allah, am blessed with the best friends I can rely on here..

Both tired

Kesian baby mama...

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