Sunday, February 27, 2011

JB again

So we went down south again to see kak sarah and abang muaz. Mama was happy as kakak seemed content with her school and friends. And also a bit more serious about her study now that she realised the competition here at Hidayah is stiff. Many of her friends that stay at the hostels are top in their classes. So mama just remind her to do what best and be constant with her study. As usual our time was spent just around JB but this time instead of going to Angsana, we went to Jusco Tebrau..OK lah but many Singaporeans spending thier money there....JB JB.

After lunch at Larkin we sent kakak and abang back to asrama. After solat at the school we drove back to Kuantan. Alhamdulillah the weather was good ...

Spending some time at Larkin Bus stand. It was quiet 'happening' there. There are many items that I cant get here in Kuantan like XL size tudung with variuos chioce of colors

Waiting for abang and adik to get hair cut

And one happy baby..who is happy as long as we pay attention to her

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