Monday, January 17, 2011

From JB with love

Alhamdulillah about 2 weeks had passed by and the kids at JB seemed to have adapted to their routine. Our visit last weekend manage to lepas kan rindu dendam..:0 especially kak sarah yg suka sgt dpt jumpa maryam. Unfortunately kak munirah was left behind as she had to attend the kem Pengawas SRI Al Irsyad. And as usual munirah would not want to miss it as she is really an out door person. We spent a night at the hotel. Daptlah membeli beberpa barang keperluan dan makanan buat anak anak tercinta. Kakak is also excited that she now is an assistant monitor. She loves her many new friends including Singaporeans and Indonesians who stayed at the hostel.

Happy nya kakak

As usual tempat lepak kita kat Sri Malaysia larkin...

Pusing pusing beli barang keperluan. The gendong really helps

Semoga kakak and abang tabahmenghadapi ujian dan dilindungi Allah selalu..kita jumpa cuti CNY nanti insyaAllah

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