Wednesday, December 1, 2010 Paloma

Nope its just a song. But we stayed in De Palma. Usually if we come down to KL we will ambush makngah's lovely Resort De Penchala. But this time since mama got this program in Gombak thus we stayed at a hotel. Though we squeezed 'not like sardine' la for 2 nights but I think it was worth it as we got closer literally...hi hi..Seronok all I can say. While I presented my talk at Gombak for the Research Methodology course, the kids get what they asked bowling. hahh teringin sangat now dah dapat and they enjoyed it. Though I was not around to catch the moment tapi seronok sebab dapat penuhi apa yang anak hajati. Insya Allah we ll go together to bowling centre in Kuantan. And also they managed to splash in pool though not for a long time at the hotel. Jadilahkan...dapat jugak jadi anak anak itik sekejap
Sweetie baby mama get a dip..sejukkk

Just melepas geram

Bebudak yang paling sibuk nak masuk pool...hah puas hati

Abg muaz who was reluctant initially pacing around

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