Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Lets read

Recently the IIUM Celpad Kuantan held a one day program..Lets Read. since the kids at home are 'avid' readers I get them to join this program. It was conducted by few lecturers ofCelpad and i would have to say that the response was overwhelming. Unlike Kl, this sort of program is rare in Kuantan thus parents would give 110% support to get their children enrolled. There were icebreaking sessions and the kids have to go upstage to introduce themselves in english. Though just few seconds I think it was good. One of munirah friend was so scared that she felt like peeing :) but still she managed to go upthere and said few words. I think it was great as a starter and I ll surely will 'pester' those lovely lecturers to do it again and focused more on public speaking. Other activities include sharing with friends one's reading experience. The secondary school kid went to Medical library while the younger ones went to the state of 'not so art' kuantan library. At the end parents were invited to hear some comments and 'advice' on how to get the kids hook on reading. So korang bertiga ni dah hook ke belum or nak mama hook dengan batang kail..grrrr

Abang with some of his group memebers

kakak and her new friends

kak munirah after certificate presentation..ala tak clear sorry darling

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