Monday, October 4, 2010

I ve passed my viva

Yesterday was D Day..I never thought it would be that smooth..Allah sangat sangat mempermudahkan urusan. Doaku diperkenankan. Terasa malu dengan Allah atas kurniaNya yg terlalu banyak berbanding amalanku. Yes i got tru the PhD viva..with minor correction and submission in 3 month.
The struggle n effort put in the last 5 years will not materialised without support especially dear hubby Dr. Mat Salleh who never fail to push me till the end especially when I was down during the early part of the study. He was always patient to hear me nagging, complaining....just name it. Terima kasih abang kerana sabar dengan seribu satu 'kerenah' ku sepanjang pengajian yg lalu. Terima kasih pada mak..mak will always doa for me.. i know whenever there are big exams since my MBBS day.. i will turn to mak and ask for her doa. Aku sangat percaya pada mujarabnya doa mak...Thanx dearest sis who since my mrsm day till now has never fail to support me in any form.. just name it. Thanx to my sis kti whom i know will always cheer up me and the others though she herself mayb crying silently. Thanx to my abang zari too whose advice i seek on n of. And to my brother Izham..thanx for looking after our mum..when she's happy.. i m happy too. Last but not least my love and thanx goes to my darling children..muaz, sarah. munirah , muneer n guys keep me going..

Based on the examiners response, I have to give the most credit to Dr. Kamisah as Prof Raymond said that it was very difficult to find errors in term of sentences, spelling, technical aspects as my supervisors was verrryyyyyyy critical about this. Thousands thanx to her. The external Prof Rashid gave his comment on certain aspects that need to be improved but in general think that the study design and objective was indeed good. Thus overall credit must also be given to the two 'heroes' Assoc Prof Dr. Ahmad Asmadi and Assoc. Prof Dr. Azizi Ayob.

Finally these young ladies whom I will always remember and cherish the moment spent while struggling with my rats..kadijah, aida fadriah, aida azlina ali,sandra n hermizi..thanx guys really were very helpful.

And never forget about these few souls who never fail to offer their help kak zah, kak nor, kak miah, kak zan,kak yati, maz, su, and others..Thousand thanxxx

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Afhm said...

Congratz again Kak Syidah.. May Allah bless u. I knew about this when I google my name. Thanks for the lovely words. Same goes to u!. U've been a wonderful sister and a good teacher. I'm sure your students and family will get the best coz
U're THE BEST!!!!! All the best!

p/s- its great that we overcome Dr. Kamisah with a great success! All the tears, nagging well n so on...