Friday, March 26, 2010

So..hows your results?

These last few days after the school holiday..thats what my usual questions to the kids when they come home. Those who brought back paper with a big A written on it will voluntarily gave mam the paer, while those who did not will sort lupa pulak ada paper...;) As usual I 'never' scold the kids whatever the results they brought back..Yeah maybe years ago when I was 'ignorant' about kids capabilities. That was the time when i argued..mama dulu boleh dapat semua a and nombor kurang dari 10..why cant you..or the same story dulu opah godam mama masa darjah 5 sebab dapat no. 13 tau..sebab tak pernah dpt no. lebih dari 10 tau..and opah never open my see what s inside...hah ha that was years ago

After 'struggling few years and realising their different abilities and also 'late bloomers' style..I no longer bising bising but still 'excited'..biasela kan mak..Ayah tak kisah pun. So for the last few days I ve been following muaz result thru the net..yeah, hidayah school is very updated about this 'online' result.. we just need to log in and walla can monitor our kid's result, discipline, etc etc from the comfort of our home or office..If its not because of the distance..I m sure I ll send sarah there too. So Muaz has shown some improvement but in certain subjects still cant pull thru up to get A. He excell in math (98%, though he was confident to get a 100), get an A so far for KH, BA...but why la cannot get A for science...ish ish so kacang lo..and languages..ish ish....All in all am happy for him. I can just doa from far as he is not taking any extra tuition class except what is offered by the school. Takpe lah bang

As for Sarah, am please with her. I was worried that she has so many subjects to cover, 17 subjects all together. Tapi tu lah anak pompuan kot. I m spared from the headache of asking her to study. Alhamdulillah the monthly test went well for her. So far she bagged 12 A's, and 3 Bs and the other 2 subjects..dont know yet. During revision she asked us to check on her recitation etc. I told my hubby, even if she did not get good results for the subjects I m happy enough for her effort etc. I knew i wont be able to do the same...

As for this other girl..he he mama susah skit nak cakap. Not that hard working. She enjoyed co-co more than academic, i think..either at school or at home. I send her to tuition this year so that she doesnt need to go for extra class next year. Yes, there is some improvement, but i believe she can do better...BTW why la C for kena tunjuk kat cikgu tuition ni..bayar dah le mahal, kot makin terok? ish ish

As for the 'youngest' so far alhamdulillah. Ye lah as kakak would say..eleh peksa darjah 2 memang le boleh dapat suma A..ish ish korang pun sekarang peksa ikut umur jugak. Very not-supportive comment la. Anyway, so far I can be content with his achievement. Tah le soalan senang ke..but he will come back and say..alah senang je periksa and happily showed his marked exam papers with big A's and stars from the teacher. But I noticed that the 2 boys are indeed different. Muneer unlike the elder brother is concerned about his school work. I remember last week that he had to accompany ayah to send his brother back to JB. When they arrived its alreday late at night. Just before he slept he went to check his subjects for the next day (kakak has already check his time table) and was sighing..ala esok ada feqah..and i havent finished ny work. he was upset the next day, but alhamdulillah managed to setlle eevery thing before the van arrived. kalau abg Muaz dulu....lain style nye..;)

As for the one inside..i would say she ( or he?) is extremely active. May Allah bless you dear darling. Be fit and healthy. InsyaAllah we will see you in few more weeks time.

So what about in future? Only Allah knows. Every parents hope the best for their kids and so do I.

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