Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hope my sons will emulate him...

Am going back to hubby's kampung tomorrow insyaAllah...A bit 'excited' to see the 'little changes' make possible by dear hubby 'contributions' to his parents..i.e he helped them make some 'minor renovations' to the house. As the wife of course am happy because he shows good examples to his children..i.e No point being successful in life if your parents back there still live like they used too..and the benefits go to every one else too...Though he did not say much but I m sure he deep inside is happy that he manage to give some 'comfort' to his beloved parents...though we are aware nothing 'worldly' that we contribute in this life can measure to what our parents had showered us since we were not born yet.

My dear hubby is the second of 9th.sibling..It should be 10 actually but the eldest, a sister, passed away when she was a instead of the third..he become the second. Allah grant him with good IQ i would say..despite his 'poor'( in term of material) up bringing ( and surely no tuition etc)he managed to get a distinction in his add math ( ha ha ..and i only managed a poor credit despite comfort living in MRSM) though he is not that great when comes to languages...Its ok because a surgeon need to be skillful not talking nonsense like 'politician'..

Of all the siblings he is the most success in term of education...Only Allah knows. The rest mainly do menial jobs. Also with the monthly allowance given to his parents..they managed to perform Haj few years back..which was good considering his aunts and uncles despite being older were not able to do the same since their income as kampung folk barely enough to feed themselves..

But we always remember that the 'luxury' in life granted to us by Allah actually doesnt belong to us but others too..Thus by sharing with others ..especially with our parents..insyaAllah Allah will shower us more..

I hope and pray to Allah that my kids will emulate this good attitude of their father. Never neglect your parents. Amin

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