Sunday, June 7, 2009

I know what you did last weekend...

Finally ..highlight of the event..make kropok losong le..Sedapppnyer..Alhamdulillah

Then masjid kristal..prayed jamak there..mmsomehow rasa biase je

Then Taman Tamaddun Islam..nice miniatures but was a bit too we just rode the tram..

Then we went to Pasar Payang..ingat nak rembat kain buat baju batik..then decided notto..see i saved RM200?= by not buying it. Then we went to Muzium Negeri

The best part is of course makan makan..nasi minyak, kari daging (lembu tumbang sekor) and kerabu..simple but mind you..I love every bit of it. After that pekena bubur kacang and agar agar..Alhamdulillah. Love to come here again...sapa nak kawing ajak I..

We went to Kg. Paluh T'ganu. Reached there at about 10. 30 am. One bus from Bt Pahat was there near the bridegroom's house...And here was the couple..Zul n Shikin (kak Yah's daughter..Nice red songket..

We started our journey at around 7 am from Kuantan

Lots of activities and we enjoyed them.

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