Saturday, May 23, 2009

go go go

I ve been spending my weekend at my office for the last few weeks. Had just completed ny summary for presentation. with such huge data its not easy to compress every thing without living out something. So far I ve got 115 slides to present..the 'biggest' presentation so far hope the audience can digest all the information feed to them on wednesday..Still have few hours to practise to ensure things that come out from my mouth tally with whats on slide and whats in my brain hi hi.

Lucky I ve not procrsatinate much the last few weeks and things seemed as planned. Hope Dr. KY can hand me soon the draft ..hopefully in 1-2 weeks time can produce the final one..not just hope but MUST..MUST..

So hope Allah grant me with patience, sabr, health not just me but with the kids, opah, bibik n hubby...Next week will be hectic again..with ayah going to KL early morning with the boss, me going late afternoon to KL, wednesday post presentation back to Kuantan as ayahs going to langkawai..n wont be around to fetch muaz coming back by bus..Hope all you guys have safe trip..Seemed we all need to be independent this days considering the workload everyone is having. And the three stooges at home..seronok nye mama tak boleh pantau yer..Next semester need to pulun betul as the three have in a way been 'neglected' in their study...pandai pandai la korang..nasib baik bukan SPM.. myself..Take one day at a atime, one step at a time..The time will come..when I can hand my thesis and be 'released' from all this 'study responsibility'..phew....

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