Sunday, March 1, 2009

Update..Feb 2009

Salam, lama tak menyinggah disini. Kat KL rajin tulis sebab boring kot. Kat sini banyak 'side-projects' kot so kurang sikit mood nak menulis. Just some updates

On Saturday we went to JB to see abg Muaz. Alhamdulillah this time (27.2.09) we use the kuantan segamat route. In about 4 1/2 hours we reached JB. Previously using the pekan rompin kota tinggi route was so exhausting that the kids complained. So folks anyone thinking of ggoing to JB from Kuantan why not try the Kuantan segamat route.From yong peng we entered the PLUS highway thus smoothing our trip further. We picked abang Muaz around 2.00 pm went to Sri Malaysia get a room, prayed then went to lunch. After that as usual we went to Angsana to buy few things for Muaz. After maghrib we went out again for dinner and then boom...z..z...z...z

The next day again pusing pusing ..had lunch and after zohor sent abang back to hostel. Bye abang, mama pray for the best untuk abang. Study hard, pray hard and dont forget to exercise too k

Study update:

Went to UKM last week. Dr. KY had returned chapter 1, 2, 3 for me to improvise. Results and part of discussion ( weight, homocysteine, BP and lipid peroxidation-aorta , heart, liver) handed to her.

Presently has almost complete discussion for lipid profile, heart antioxidant enzymes - catalase, GPX and SOD, actively discussing VCAM

Partly done: NOx, plasma lipid peroxidation, liver CBS
Not done yet: VVG

Home renovation:

30% completed but suddenly Allah rewards us with rain and storm. He knows the best..Hope things get done faster.

So...keep swimming..keep keep swimming

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